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BEPS - Alternative Compliance Pathway (Deep Energy Retrofits)

Deep Energy Retrofits for 'Accelerated Savings Recognition' automatically meets compliance for future BEPS cycles.
To complete the Alternative Compliance Pathway and earn Accelerated Savings Recognition, the building must reduce its Site EUI by > 36%.

This is what Capital Efficiency does!

At a minimum we will satisfy the Performance Pathway requirements of reducing site Energy Use Intensity (EUI) by 20%, but we are confident in helping you achieve the Alternative Compliance Pathway (reducing Site EUI ≥ 36%), having identified energy savings of 93% on a building with an ENERGY STAR Score of 95!


Capital Efficiency provides turn-key services to upgrade your building to be more energy efficient with 100% project financing and no out-of-pocket expenses. We'll leave no stone unturned and based on your comfortability (invasiveness to the building and/or tenants) upgrade anything that has an impact on energy use:

  • HVAC & Controls

  • Lighting & Controls

  • Domestic Hot Water

  • Renewable Energy + Energy Storage

  • Building Envelope:

    • Windows, Roof, Insulation

We'll help with water efficiency too!:

  • Landscape irrigation

  • Low-flow fixtures

Rest assured.

You won't have to do a thing, our turn-key services handle everything for you, and we'll even populate ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager on your behalf (satisfying the 3-year requirement of third party data verification requirement by a licensed PE), as we perform this service with all of our projects as part of our Measurement & Verification process.

Again, don't pay to upgrade for compliance!

100% Project Financing covers all hard and soft costs of the energy efficiency project and when provided the upfront financial capital, the project becomes a positive cash flow deal (you save more than you owe, i.e. the Savings-to-Investment Ratio (SIR) is greater than one). There's no need for CapEx Funds, and you no longer need to ask for the simple payback, Internal Rate of Return (IRR), or Net Present Value (NPV)... those financial metrics are N/A!

With 100% Project Financing that:

  • Transfers with the sale of the property

  • Passes thru to tenants in a triple net (NNN) lease

  • Off-balance sheet

  • Non-recourse

  • Non-accelerating, fully amortized

BEPS regulation aside, energy efficiency just makes good business sense.

Avoid the cost of delay and continuing to pay higher energy bills. Energy efficiency increases property value and net operating income (NOI), improves health and human comfort, attracts and retains more tenants, and reduces carbon emissions.

Contact us to get started saving energy (money) today!

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Note the Building Energy Performance Standard (BEPS) has routinely gone through periods of revisions after public comment. While the regulation is certainly official and in effect, the proposed rules and guidelines are still being finalized.

While this article is continuously being updated to reflect updates and changes, please refer to the following links for the latest official releases from the DC DOEE:

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