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Improve 'Year 1' Cash Flows with Rebates & Incentives

For our Deep Energy Retrofit projects, the project economics already make good business sense. We'll help you reduce energy cost by > 36% (helping you achieve the Alternative Compliance Pathway with BEPS), and you'll save more than you owe in the project financing.

But we are approved providers with local Utility Rebate & Incentive programs to submit on your behalf and help you earn Rebates and Incentives to further improve cash flows.

As demonstrated below, Rebate & Incentive money is distributed as cash back in Year 1 that goes straight to your bottom line, resulting in a significant cash flow positive scenario.

So where are we approved providers and which Rebate & Incentive programs do we leverage for our clients?

Washington D.C.


The 'Custom' program offers up to $200,000 in total project rebates.


Pepco - Montgomery County

The 'Building Tune-Up' offers $0.25/SF to cover up to 75% of the cost of the Energy Audit.

Then, the 'Custom' program offers up to $1,000,000 in total project rebates.


Dominion Energy

The 'Prescriptive' program offers rebates which may cover up to 75% of the total project cost.

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