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Project Financing

Capital Efficiency will facilitate 100% project financing for all hard and soft costs associated with upgrading your building, resulting in no out-of-pocket costs.

Our recommended financing trumps the roadblocks that have historically prevented the implementation of energy efficiency projects, with financing that is:

  • Non-recourse, off-balance sheet.

  • Transfers with the sale of the property.

  • Can be passed through to tenants in a triple net (NNN) lease.

You no longer need to ask, 'What's the better use of my money?" between two investments by evaluating the Simple Payback, Internal Rate of Return (IRR), or Net Present Value (NPV).

We'll guide you in understanding that when given 100% project financing, this becomes a cash flow deal. As long as the energy cost savings exceeds the financing amount, i.e. the savings-to-investment ratio (SIR) is greater than one, then the deal makes sense.

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Project Financing:

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